3D Measuring

Production engineering

Custom smithery

Metal production

Our company provides complete locksmith production in combination with machinery production according to the drawing documentation, including the following:

  • delivery and preparation of material
  • machining
  • riveting
  • welding - CO2, TIG
  • STAINLESS STEEL welding (frames, connections, smaller parts)
  • heat treatment of the material (finishing, hardening, nitriding, annealing, etc.)
  • surface treatment of the material (blackening, painting - komaxit RAL, galvanizing, etc.)
  • securing the purchased parts necessary for the assemblies
  • assembly and test operation
  • performing electrical installations
  • transport of finished parts to the customer

In the metal production
we specialize in the following:

  • production of machinery parts
  • production of smaller steel structures (beams, connections, frames)
  • production of single-purpose machines and assembly technology
  • production of clamping and handling jigs
  • production of moulds for concrete products
  • manufacture of gates, wickets, stairs, railings
  • manufacture and repair of adapters for construction machinery
  • production and repair of parts for agricultural machinery
  • production for the automotive industry (smaller welding and storage stations, handling equipment, pallets for conveyors, trolleys, bins, stands, adapters, rotating frames and tables, fencing, etc.)