3D Measuring

Production engineering

Custom smithery

Metal machining

Our company provides complete machine production according to the drawing documentation, including:

  • delivery and preparation of material
  • machining
  • heat treatment of the material (finishing, hardening, nitriding, annealing, etc..)
  • surface treatment of the material (blackening, painting - Komax.t RAL, galvanizing, etc ..)
  • transport of finished parts to the customer

In the machine production
we specialize in:

  • production and machining of castings in the single-part and small-series production.
    Thanks to a long-term cooperation with foundries, we can also provide complete deliveries of castings from foundries, the term and price calculations and the production of model equipment, based on a sample or drawing documentation.
  • production of machine parts
  • production of piece parts from aluminium, including the provision of material
  • manufacture and repair of adapters for construction machinery
  • production and repair of parts for agricultural machinery
  • production for the automotive industry

Machinery equipment:

CNC machining: Horizontal machining centre Quaser HX635B (max. work-piece size: 630mm x 630mm)
Horizontal machining centre Mori-Seiki MH50 (max. work-piece size: 500mm x 500mm)
Vertical machine center MAS - MCV 1000 Quick (max. work-piece size: 600mm x 1000mm)
CNC turning: CNC lathe SE520 (max. work-piece size: D350/D520mm x 900mm)
CNC tilling: CNC milling machine FGSQ40 (max. work-piece size: 400mm x 750mm x 350mm)
CNC trilling: NC drilling machine VR5 (max. work-piece size: 600mm x 1000mm)
Drilling-machine VR4(max. work-piece size: 600mm x 1000mm)
Horizontal boring operation: Horizontal boring machine V75 (max. work-piece size 1200mm x 1200mm x 800mm)
Horizontal boring machine V63 (max. work-piece size 900mm x 900mm x 600mm)
Conventional milling: Milling machine FGS 25/32 (max. work-piece size: 350mm x 700mm)
Conventional turning: Lathe SV18 (max. work-piece size: D200mm x 1000mm)
Lathe SV18 RA/1000 (max. work-piece size: D200mm x 1000mm)
Lathe SV50 (max. work-piece size: D500mm x 2000mm)
Lathe SV100 (max. work-piece size: D1000mm x 3000mm)
Segmental grinding: Rotary segmental flat-surface grinding machine (max. work-piece size: 1200mm)
Automatic cutting: Automatic cutting bandsaw Bomar 240
Automatic cutting bandsaw Huvema HU712
Material manipulation: Gantry crane with load capacity 3,2T
Gantry crane with load capacity 2,5T