Production engineering


Single-purpose machine manufacture

About us

We founded the trade company LENEL Ltd. in Olomouc in 1998. Definite business activities of production character develop our company in branch of metal - working and locksmithery. We run our business in our own factory buildings in Olomouc - Chvalkovice.

From the beginning we specialize in custom metal - working and custom locksmith production of piece and low - volume character. We base our business strategy on maximum management to adapt our product capacities to customers' demands, who require especially precise sizing of the casts of different kinds of fusions by CNC technologies, production of exact details of the machines, special fixative and manipulating tools, single purpose machines, shapes etc. Domestic and already foreign firms belong to our customers, in particular in France, Great Britain and Germany.

The company LENEL Ltd. has a definite system of quality proceeding according to the norms ČSN EN ISO 9001. Constant improvement of activities and rising of quality is our permanent aim.

Ivo Hanel and Leopold Čechovský - companions